Don’t Miss With The Shooter Pack Vol. 1 Gamer Pics On Xbox Live

Shooter Pack Vol. 1

Hit your target every time with the Shooter Pack Vol. 1. These gamer pics include 10 different red laser crosshairs‎. Choose the reticle that represents you the best. Download them today on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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New Colored Denim Jeans Available For Your Avatar

KKZ Denim Jeans

The KKZ saggin’ denim jeans are available now in five different colors and come with the KKZ Crown belt buckle. Get them today for your avatar in the Xbox Live Avatar Store.

New Avatar Bling: 4ct Diamond Stud Earrings Available Now

4ct Diamond Studs Avatar Bling

Step your avatar jewelry game up with these new 4ct diamond and black diamond stud earrings. Download them today from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

New Heart Gamer Pics For Valentine’s Day On Xbox Live

Hearts Pack v.2 Lightning Valentine

Strike down any Valentine with the Hearts v.2 Lightning Valentine Pack. These 10 gamer pics come in the lightning, hyper fusion, frost byte, bling and night vision designs. Download these today in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

SekC Gamer Pics Available Now On Available

SekC Picture Pack

Rep the SekC Army and show your love for Thug Life with this awesome collection of gamer pictures. Let people know who you’re messing with online and remember to “Stay SekC”. These 10 gamer pics include the iSekC smiley in various colors along with popular sayings from XpertThief. Download these now in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Undefeated Gear Now Available For Your Avatar On Xbox Live

Undftd Xbox Live Avatar Gear

Check out the new line of Undefeated gear available for download now in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Freshin’ up your avatar wardrobe with your choice of tees, hats, and hoodies from Undftd.



Name: Tre Holmes

Gamertag/PSN ID: Trepound380

How Did You Get Your Gamertag Name: It just came randomly when I first got my PS3. I wanted to start new and not carry over my 360 tag.

Something About Yourself: I’m a gamer who plays for the love of the game. No matter what genre or system.

City You Rep: Atlanta

Currently Playing: NBA 2K13

Favorite Game of All Time: Def Jam: Fight for NY

Best Thing About Playing Online: Getting to meet new friends and playing competition that’s different from those around you.

Worst Thing About Playing Online: E-thugs.

What’s In Your CD/MP3 Player: Artists like the Weeknd, Jay Z, 2 Chainz, etc.

What motivated you to start doing what you’re doing in gaming: When I was 5, my mom got me a Super Nintendo with Donkey Kong Country and Super Street Fighter 2 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

If you could change one thing about gaming what would it be: Stop making the games too easy, less dlc and in fighting games not making too many patches before people learn them.

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