Skate Park

Skate Park Theme

Get ready to kick, push, and grind with the Konsole Kingz Skate Park theme.

Price: $2.99
Click here to download to your Xbox

How to find the Skate Park on Xbox Live

OPTION 1: Bing Search (recommended)
1. Scroll to Bing on the Xbox Live Dashboard
2. In the search engine type in Konsole Kingz
3. Scroll over to extras, see all, sort by release date
4. Select Skate Park.

1. While in the Xbox Live Marketplace, select the Xbox Live Guide Button on the Xbox 360 Controller.
2. Scroll over to Settings then select Profile
3. Select Edit Profile
4. Select Theme
5. Then Select Download Themes.
6. Once the Theme screen loads up, Go to Sort by select Release Date
7. Then scroll to select the Skate Park.

Konsole Kingz consistently creates the most interesting gamer pictures and themes available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Over 1 million people have purchased our gamer pictures. Numerous individuals, gaming clans, crews, and fans from across the globe have used our images in their Gamercards.

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